Costa Rican Animals and Birds

Last month I went to Costa Rica to visit an old friend from Manhattan who bought a house on Lake Arenal, spending time both in the rain forest near Arenal Volcano and the Pacific northwest. The shooting conditions were pretty terrible. When we landed the temperatures were in the 100s with near 85% humidity. Inland was in the 90s with 90-100% humidity. All photos are of animals and birds taken in the wild.

Black-throated trogon

Black-throated trogon 1/160 @2.8 200mm ISO2000

Howler monkeys

Howler monkeys 1/400 @2.8 200mm ISO400


Damselfly 1/200 @2.8 190mm ISO 160

Black headed trogon

Black headed trogon 1/500 @4.5 200mm ISO100


Hummingbird 1/2500 @2.8 90mm ISO250

Broad-winged hawk

Broad-winged hawk 1/500 @2.8 75mm ISO160

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