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Photography Post-Production Before & After

NH Portrait Photographer

Here’s an image I shot a few years back that I found in my recent travels through my hard drives. I thought it was worth a second look. The post- production and retouching on this portrait was pretty straightforward. The first thing I did was clean up the background and stray hairs. I did a basic retouch- eliminated distracting blemishes and water droplets on her jaw and fingers.  The rest of the look is a combination of Photoshop levels and bumping up the contrast.

Before Post-Processing

Unretouched model portrait

Unretouched model portrait

After Post-Processing

Model portrait after processing and retouching

Model portrait after processing and retouching

Engagement Portrait

Southern NH portrait photographer

Engagement portrait

Engagement portrait photographed at Lake Street Garden Center in Salem, NH.
f/2 @1/800 50mm ISO400

Engagement portrait outtake

Engagement portrait outtake photographed at Lake Street Garden Center in Salem, NH.
f/2 @1/800 50mm ISO400

Homeless Dog Portrait

Southern NH animal portrait photographer

This dog is just so handsome! His name is Max and he needs a home. He has been in a kennel for 8 months. If you live in central/ northern New England and want to meet Max please contact Animal Rescue Network of New England.

Homeless dog portrait

Homeless dog portrait
1/500 @2.8 80mm ISO 320

Big Plans for the Future of Taylor’s Hall Property

Shawn Foster is a man with a vision. The 43 year-old Crossing Life Church Pastor envisions community and recreational facilities and a non-denominational Bible-based place of worship on the 122 and 125 North Lowell Road combined 77.5 acres. He intends to serve the Windham community by offering charitable and recreational activities that utilize and enhance the natural beauty of the properties.

Mr. Foster purchased the landmark silo building at 125 North Lowell Road and its 37.5 acres in January of last year and recently purchased Taylor’s Hall at 122 North Lowell Road and its 40 acres. In the short term, the Bingo hall will continue Bingo operations, as it has for decades, while undergoing renovations to update the hall which is also serving as the 150 member Crossing Life Church’s house of worship.

Long term plans include renovating a large structure on the property to accommodate 500 people for events in a natural rustic environment. There will be 20 community garden plots, a community center, food pantry and thrift store. Mr. Foster would like to construct a free standing church behind the Bingo hall towards the Rail Trail.

The Fosters recently partnered with an equestrian therapist to provide services for developmentally or physically impaired people as well as at-risk students. Equestrian therapy is a proven solution to help with autism, social issues and physical disability.

Mr. Foster and his wife Stephanie, 13 year Windham residents, currently run the Windham Crossing Learning Center, serving 20 birth through kindergarten-aged children. The facility has a 77 child capacity. They also provide an after school learning environment for 6 to 10 year olds. During the summer months, the couple hosts Camp Renaissance for kindergarten through fifth grade students.

NH Executive Council

Southern NH news photographer

I photograph politicians a fair amount for the newspaper. These are from a NH Executive Council gathering a couple of weeks ago. Most events move pretty quickly. I very often don’t have time to correct the color balance or shoot in manual. Flash is generally not allowed so I rely on my camera to handle noise and it handles noise quite well most of the time. Here I shot TV priority with the 24-105 4 L lens, which is a pretty solid all around lens.

NH Attorney General Joseph Foster

NH Attorney General Joseph Foster speaking at a private breakfast meeting- 4.0 @ 1/125 ISO 500

NH state seal totebag- pretty spiffy

NH state seal totebag- pretty spiffy. 4.0 @ 1/125 ISO 1000

NH Executive Councilor Burton

This is Councilor Burton. I thought his manner and temperament were adorable. 4.0 @ 1/125 ISO 3200

NH Governor Maggie Hassan

NH Governor Maggie Hassan- 4.0 @ 1/125 ISO 1000