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Hillary Clinton in Windham, NH July 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton in Windham, NH July 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton in Windham, NH

Hillary Clinton in Windham, NH



Hillary Clinton in Windham, NH

Carnivorous Plants, a Spider and 2 Hummingbirds

NH News Photographer

Found these gems at the Lake St. Garden Center’s carnivorous plant show.

Carnivorous plant

1/250 @4.0 ISO 100


Carnivorous plant

1/200 @2.8 ISO 100

Carnivorous plant

1/100 @4.0 ISO 100

Some backyard fun!

Spider in a web

1/100 @7.1 ISO 640

Hummingbird in a tree

1/250 @2.8 ISO 500

Hummingbird in lilac bushes

1/250 @2.8 ISO 200

Scott Brown’s Senatorial Campaign Heats Up in Windham

Scott Brown met with several local business, municipal and political leaders on May 21st at A.J. Letizio Sales & Marketing following lunch with his wife Gail Huff, retired WCVB news reporter, at The Lobster Tail Restaurant. On June 1st he participated in the Lobster Tail’s 5K run/ walk benefit for the American Cancer Society, followed by an appearance at Waterhouse Country Store on June 2nd.

A dozen or so people attended the closed door meeting on May 21st. Topics discussed included challenges with his own New Hampshire Senatorial campaign against incumbent Jeanne Shaheen as well as some of the overall challenges currently facing the Republican Party.

Mr. Brown was elected U.S. Senator representing Massachusetts in the January 2010 special election, held to replace Senator Ted Kennedy after his passing. He was defeated by long time Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren in the regular election in November 2012.

According to his campaign Mr. Bown is a 35 year Army National Guard veteran and recently retired with the rank of Colonel. His posts included Afghanistan, where he worked on contracting, fraud, waste, and abuse issues. He also performed duty in Paraguay and Kazakhstan. Career highlights include rewriting the sexual assault regulations for the National Guard Bureau, a cause both he an his wife have been personally affected by. He was recently awarded the Legion of Merit medal and the Maryland Distinguished Service Cross.

Scott Brown and Gail Huff sold their family home in Wrentham, MA home in January of this year to reside full time at their vacation home in Rye, NH, which the couple have owned for over 20 years. According to the campaign Mr. Brown has deep roots in NH, having been born at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, where his father was an Airman at Pease Air Force Base. His NH lineage traces back at least 3 generations.

WMS SMILES Club Joins Pease Greeters

Windham Middle School SMILES Club students joined the Pease Greeters on April 22nd. The festive event welcomed United States Marine Corps soldiers returning from Afghanistan. This was the first time the soldiers have been on American soil since last fall. Notable attendees included Miss New Hampshire, Miss New Hampshire Teen and Patriots representatives including their mascot, 2 cheerleaders, former players Jon Williams and Vernon Crawford and former broadcaster Gino Cappelletti.

American troops exited the aircraft transporting them to the United States from Afghanistan via Iceland were met at the gate by hundreds of cheering Greeters and well-wishers. The Greeters, from toddlers to decorated World War II veterans, met the troops with hugs, handshakes and smiles, while animal Greeters gave face licks and tail wags. Each of the troops made their way into the terminal via the “Heroes Walk”, part of the military museum housed at the airport in conjunction with the Pease Development Authority, the only such installment at a commercial airport in the country.

Once inside the terminal, the Greeters provided the troops with food, beverages, gifts, stuffed animals, camaraderie and companionship, all donated by local companies, private donors and the Greeters themselves. There is a permanent communications center and the troops are given cell phones to call anyone in the world free of charge.

Prior to departure the troops stopped at the U.S. Customs area for a brief ceremony, as they do prior to every flight. The veterans raised the flag and Miss New Hampshire sang the National Anthem; Everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance; A prayer was given thanking the troops and their families for their sacrifices. A star cut from a retired American flag was given to each troop.

The Pease Greeters is an all volunteer group of veterans and civilians dedicated to showing their appreciation for troops from all nations and military branches.

They meet every troop flight, whether 2 A.M. on a Monday morning or 5 P.M. on a Saturday afternoon. New Greeters are always warmly welcomed. If you would like to donate or participate, please visit their website at


Fred Parker III’s Remarkable Eagle Achievement

Boy Scout Troop 266’s 18 year old Fred Parker III celebrated his Eagle Scout Court of Honor on January 12th at Warde Health Center.

Fred earned 21 merit badges including a wilderness survival elective badge earned at Hidden Valley Camp in Gilmanton, NH on July 24, 2008. The challenge was to survive a night alone in the forest, including building shelter and a fire. Earlier that day one of the largest tornados ever to touch down in NH carved a 50 mile long path with more than 1/3 mile width, affecting 11 communities in 5 counties from Deerfield to Freedom in just 80 minutes.

In addition to the merit badge requirement an Eagle Scout must successfully complete an Eagle Service Project, a community service project demonstrating leadership abilities. Fred’s project improved seating at the Town Beach, resurfacing 11 picnic tables. The team also built a 6 foot wide lifeguard stand, designed to withstand New England’s weather for years to come.

Eagle Scout is a huge task with many facets to the responsibility of the Eagle project, requiring the Eagle candidate to become a project manager. They are required to pitch their project to the Eagle board and get them to approve it. Then the candidate must manage their project from beginning to end including fundraising, budget balancing, networking and public relations and enlisting and managing resources to help with the tasks.

Fred’s mother Sue Liddell said, “It’s an entire life learning skill. That’s why Eagle Scout is so hard to achieve.”

The Samsel family and Cyr Lumber assisted with Fred’s Eagle project, providing an estimated $4,500 value to the town.

he Eagle Scout, the Boy Scouts’ highest rank, was awarded to 57,976 Scouts in 2012, about 7 percent of all Boy Scouts, and having achieved the rank of Eagle is a big accomplishment. What makes Fred’s achievement so remarkable is that he has Asperger syndrome.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder, one of a distinct group of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by social impairment, communication difficulties, and restrictive, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.

Asperger syndrome, named after the Austrian doctor who discovered the condition in 1944, did not integrate with Diagnostic and Statistical  Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic reference book, until 1994. As such it is difficult to know the precise rate of occurrence. Estimates range from 1 in 500 to 1 in 5,000.

Popular vocalist Susan Boyle and American Idol season 10 finalist James Durbin have Asperger’s, as do actors Dan Aykroyd and Daryl Hannah, along with an assortment of other notable high achievers including Nobel Laureate Dr. Vernon L. Smith and Pulitzer-winning legendary music critic Tim Page. It is rumored Bill Gates has Asperger’s and if Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison were alive today they surely would have been diagnosed with it.

Fred is also a member of the JagSat team that was honored for their excellence by Governor Hassan last fall. He has been accepted into Norwich University’s engineering program in Vermont.

For more information about Boy Scouts Troop 266 or to join please visit their website at