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Family Portraits, Marketing Campaign and Gladiolus

Since the end of summer I’ve been off on this crazy journey to start a clothing line and it’s going well. I do however still shoot from time to time- for friends, for myself and for STACKED’s promotional and documentary needs.

The first shot is of my girlfriend, one of my fit models, and her son. I needed a portrait for the website where I’m showing the fit models as the people they are, doing what they normally do. In this case she’s a mom so I thought taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather and showing them together enjoying the day indicates exactly who she is. While walking behind them I was touched by how sweet the two of them looked walking down the path, hand in hand, without an apparent care in the world.

Mother and son portrait

Mother and son portrait 1/500 @4.0 190mm 100 ISO

This is also one of my girlfriends and her son. She called me and asked if I would do a portrait before he he left for training camp in November. She may not see him again for up to six years.

Mother and son portrait

Mother and son portrait 1/80 @4.0 70mm 100 ISO

Our property up here in the sticks is spacious and we have several flower, herb and vegetable gardens. I know it’s not exactly standard shooting style for fauna but I wanted it to be edgy, kind of have a little bit of an attitude. I shot it in the studio using a stripbox and let the light fall into shadow where you wouldn’t really expect it to. Mission accomplished. I like it.


Gladiolus 1/200 @4.5 50mm 100 ISO

This is part of the visual campaign for STACKED. I needed a visual representation of the problem STACKED clothing line will fix. I think it’s pretty succinct.

Go check out STACKED’s web site if you want to see the image in action.

STACKED brand apparel marketing campaign

STACKED brand apparel marketing campaign 1/15 @2.0 50mm 100 ISO