Monthly Archives: July 2013

It’s Not All Kittens and Babies

Southern NH news photographer

Today was a first for me and I’m old and jaded.

In my career as a photographer I have covered a sitting US president, soldiers deploying and returning to and from Iraq and Afghanistan, heads of church and foreign nations, Facebook founders, billionaire businessmen and celebrities.

This morning as I prepared to cover an event I have never been so nervous to photograph something. I couldn’t even sleep last night.

Bill Wallace, a 31 year veteran of the Windham Fire Department, passed and I wanted the town to remember him and have closure. So I went to cover his funeral. My first funeral service as a news photographer.

I’m partial to first responders as a rule because they saved my life 20 years ago in NYC and at the local level in my current role I’d like to think we have a great rapport.

It’s a sensitive thing. You want to involve the community but show the deepest respect and honor for the family. I approached his widow, introduced myself and told her of my intentions. She was so gracious- so, so gracious- that she told me nothing was off limits, she trusts me to do the right thing and it’ll be ok.

What do you say to that? It was overwhelming. I hugged her, told her I loved her courage and grace and we shared a moment.

The service was lovely.

I was nervous throughout. Nothing I do as a photographer can do justice to what this man and his family have contributed.

It was a good coverage. No amount of Facebook founders, billionaires or US presidents can compare.

RIP Bill Wallace. Thank you for your service.