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HDR portrait

HDR portrait

Every once in a while I live up to every one of my blonde hairs in every blonde joke ever told. So, the good Chief asked me to do a portrait. I thought it would be awesome to do an HDR (high dynamic range) portrait of him. Cool, he said, he’s in. When he came to the studio there were a couple of challenging things. First he wears glasses so I knew I was going to do a composite. Second, he needed to remain absolutely still while I shot a series of bracketed shots (0/ +1/ -1, if you’re interested) both with the glasses on and with the glasses off.

Because I’m all genius-like and the such, I combined the first set into an HDR image then I combined the second set into an HDR image. Great- yay! I pulled both of them into Photoshop and masked his glass frames in.

And then, do you see it? You’d be surprised how many people didn’t see it. I dropped the print off yesterday at the Fire Department. The lovely administrative assistant thought it was way cool. The good Chief called me to tell me he loved it. My husband saw the image right before I printed it and while I was editing it. My mother even saw it. No one, no one, noticed it.

The good Chief called me a few minutes ago and told me that one of the firemen said it was a great image but why the 2 hats??? After I and the good Chief laughed for about 5 minutes I told him I’d fix it.

That right there, folks, is one of the funniest stupidist things I’ve done in a good long time.